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Every Wednesday, Barry Ashmore, managing director of,  sends his ‘Wise up Wednesday’ e-mail to around 10,000 Specialist Contractors.

Full of important information to help Subbies to keep on top of Contractual , Payment and other important business issues, it is essential reading for many. In fact, we know that many Subbies actively watch for it landing in their in-boxes.

August 2018 has been anything but quiet – here are some of the articles you can read in this special compilation issue:

  • How the trade bodies are failing their members by not getting to grips with the problems of payment in the industry
  • The arrogant bully-boy tactics used by Contractors
  • How the Specialist Contractor can suspend work if they are not getting paid
  • More about the bickering and arguing going on by the ‘worthies’, while the Subbie suffers
  • And how you can change the way you do things in order to avoid these problems

This is the type of highly useful information you can receive each and every Wednesday, all designed to help improve the lives of Specialist Contractors.

You can download the August publication here 

If you don’t already receive it or wish to subscribe, you can do so by emailing StreetwiseSubbie via this link and requesting your personal copy now.

Thanks for reading. As ever, if you have any questions, or wish to find out more about how StreetwiseSubbie helps specialist contractors on a daily basis, then please call 01773 712116 today.

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