Engineering Happiness – Can UK Construction Be As Happy As It’s Engineering Peers? We Believe So!

The new Engineering Happiness video from the Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) is a cheerful and upbeat way of showing some appreciation for the UK engineering industry! The feel good video is celebrating a great range of engineering achievements to be ‘happy’ about.

And a reason to feel happy is something the UK’s Specialist Contractors could do with right now!

Sadly, Specialist Contractors in UK construction continue to suffer at the hands of ruthless main contractors despite all the talk of things being on the up.

But as always, our aim is to give Specialist Contractors something to be happy about!

So, if you are a Specialist Contractor, you will be glad to know that we are continuing the fight to expose onerous payment practices, and the worst offenders to watch out for! And a massive resource at our disposal is our annual State of Industry survey.  This year’s survey will be our third, and we continue to focus on the key issue of payment terms and unfair treatment.

By gathering as much evidence as possible from Specialist Contractors across the industry, we can continue to expose the extent of the problem, and force those in power to take more action!

Please take two minutes to complete our State of Industry Survey, and help us work towards a future that UK construction can really be happy about! And then you can treat yourself to the “happy video” as a reward.


And if a business problem such as late or poor payment, is making you unhappy right now, we can help you be happy again with immediate advice and support. Get started today by letting StreetwiseSubbie help you! Visit to see and hear from some of the people we have already helped with their contractual problems!

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