England Rugby and Your Specialist Contracting Business – What Do They Have In Common?

A lot has been said over the last few days, following England’s defeat – and exit – from the Rugby World Cup.

Every pundit looking for someone to blame. Every true fan clinging to the hope that England will rise again…

The line between success and failure has been drawn by some poor tactical judgement and a lull or two in momentum. A bit like business really.

Sport and business why the comparison

Since we won the Rugby World Cup English Rugby has seen some dizzy highs (beating New Zealand) and devastating lows (losing to Wales and Australia). And if you’re running a successful Specialist Contracting business, I’ll bet my England shirt that it’s been the same for you.

Feast and famine

A great month with record sales and good profits, followed by a sudden dip and nobody paying you, where you feel like the bottom has fallen out of your world.

Sound familiar?

A More Consistent Future

Is this right for you? It is, if you answer ‘YES’ to these 4 questions:

1.  Do you run a UK Specialist Contracting business?

2.  Would you like a better more profitable secure future?

3.  Will you turn over between £1,000,000 and £25,000,000 this year?

4.  And are you willing to be honest and open-minded about your business?

If you score 4 Yeses,

P.S. I know that there are a great many people who don’t understand the rules of rugby. It’s like a foreign language to them, total gobbledygook.

“What’s a scrum, a knock-on, a dead ball line?”…They just don’t get it all.

And being caught up in problems in your business can seem just as confusing. So if you feel like that about any aspect of your Specialist contracting business we’ll demystify it, once and for all;

So, if you want bigger and better next year, take a look at this;

Protect and Grow Your Business

Trust me, the consequences of not having the right advice on your side can be catastrophic.

Don’t go there. Take action.

But you need to take the right action, at the right time. Waiting to see what happens, or asking the wrong person for advice will not cut it.

But, don’t take my word for it, watch what lots of other Specialist Contractors thought about it here;

Protect and Grow Your Business

We look forward to keeping you up to date and helping you to resolve all your business problems.

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