Further Urgent Advice For Subcontractors

Urgent Advice For Subcontractors Affected By Coronavirus (COVID – 19)

Urgent advice for Subcontractors. Yesterday I published my ‘Wise Up Wednesday’ email as usual, and stressed the importance of taking action to ensure your interests were protected in the light of the coronavirus pandemic.

I cautioned against making a bad situation worse by getting clobbered for delays because you can’t get to site (locked down), or half your team or subcontractors are self isolating.

And, whilst I directed everyone to this link on our website;

Don’t Let Coronavirus Destroy My Business!

… and said that doing nothing is not an option, what I need to stress is that doing the wrong thing is not a good idea either!

When I said that there is no single “one size fits all” answer, and that it all depends on the specific details of your contract. That is exactly what I meant – you cannot adopt a blanket approach to this.

Every contract will be different. Let me repeat that, you must look at each individual contract and tailor what you say, or do accordingly.

urgent advice for subcontractors

Doing The Wrong Thing Is Worse Than Doing Nothing!

Some of the feedback we have had, is that despite our advice people are looking for an easy solution that they can apply.

And whilst this may be being done with the best of intentions, in certain cases saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, may actually give the unscrupulous Contractors an opportunity to say that what you have said amounts to a repudiatory breach of contract.

The consequences could be the immediate termination of your contract and no further payment for literally months!

So, please take the contractual side of things very seriously indeed and please do not think that this is going to be simple and straightforward, or that common sense and fair play will prevail…

… it might, but it might just as easily go very wrong, very quickly!

Be Prepared For A Lockdown

Whilst the government have recommended that everyone that can work from home should do so, there is inevitably going to be a lockdown, the science led response means that there has to be at some point.

So, please make sure that you, or someone in your team has access to every contract that you are working on currently, or have money outstanding on.

Because when you need help, the first question we are going to ask you is what does the contract say? And if you can’t answer that question because you can’t get to the office to get it, then it is impossible to advise you!

And if anyone advises you differently, then run a mile from that advice!

Protecting You And Your Business

Our specific focus, our business, is all about protecting the interests of Specialist Contractors, Trade Contractors and Subcontractors in the construction industry.

So, please minimise the commercial and contractual risk to the future of your company.

Please read; Don’t Let Coronavirus Destroy My Business!

Urgent Advice For Subcontractors. Call Our Helpline Sooner Rather Than Later

Our friendly team are on hand to ensure that you get the help and support you need. Call us on 01773 712116 or email StreetwiseSubbie here.

Please take on board what we have said previously. This is not some scaremongering BS, because  I see first hand what happens to naive Subcontractors.

Take action now to protect your business, your team, and your family.

Stay safe and best regards.

Barry Ashmore, managing director,

P.S. Remember it’s all too easy to ignore this and put your business at risk. Please don’t do that. Give our friendly team a call on 01773 712116, or email here.

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