How to reach the right buyer and win new business.’s checklist for better targeting

It’s tough not to be gloomy considering there’s no sign of economic recovery and most specialist contractors are only working at 75% capacity.

So whilst everyone else has their head in their hands, that’s when you can steal a march on your competitors by seeing new business opportunities.

How to find work and how to get paid

There are several strategic routes that Specialist Sub-Contractors can follow to find new opportunities:

1.       Sell more existing products to existing customers

2.       Sell existing products to new customers

3.       Sell new products to existing customers

4.       Sell new products to new customers

Route 1 is the quickest, cheapest and therefore easiest route. Here are one or two ways you could try it:

·         Increase personal contact with your customers. People buy? from people. However, technology gives us an excuse not to sit down with our customers any more. And business suffers as a result. We no longer understand what customers are doing and saying – and often find out only when it’s too late.

·         Increase your customers’ understanding of the full breadth and depth of your offering. They may buy more from you if only they knew what else you did.

·         Add value to what you are selling. Encourage involvement with a further contract, if that helps you to buy better and offer a volume discount to the customer. That’s a win-win that can increase profitability for both Contractor and Specialist Sub-Contractor.

·         Increase your marketing activity – don’t wait for them to come to you, go to them. Look at ways that you can regularly keep in touch. Send successful case studies, newsletters, information about new products or, ways of doing things better. Plan out a series of strategic marketing activities that can help to engage with the potential customer and encourage an enquiry.

·         Learn from your competitors. What are they doing well that you could do too.

Whatever the prevailing climate in the economy, people will still buy things. The key question is, ‘How can you ensure that they buy from you?’

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