If you are making too much profit then this blog post isn’t for you…

If you are making more profit than you need, then don’t read on. If you do need bigger profits, then this could just what you need.

As a veteran of 20 years in Specialist Sub-Contracting, I know just how tough it can be to make a profit. Particularly in this economic climate.

But there are ways of making bigger profits. In fact, the book: “25 Ways To Make Bigger Profits For Specialist Sub-Contractors” has exactly 25 such recommendations.

It’s written specifically for Specialist Sub-Contractors like you, and is designed to help you make more money out of the work you do have.

It’s based on 20 years’ experience in subcontracting and 20 years in dispute resolution.

“25 Ways To Make Bigger Profits For Specialist Sub-Contractors” 
is yours for only £14.97, and that includes the postage and packing.

That’s less than 60 pence for each great idea in this 100 A4 page booklet!

It’s easy to order. Either print off the order form attached to this email, and send back to me with a cheque, or fax it to 01773 719455 along with your company fax header and we will post you the guide together with an invoice.

I’m certain that you will find it really useful, and if not then I will refund you the money.

And, as always please don’t hesitate to give me a call if I can help in any way.

Here’s to your continued success.

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