It’s Wise Up Wednesday! How To Beat That Aggressive QS!

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Not Getting Paid Properly?

If you’re working for a Main Contractor and you’re not getting paid properly there could be a number of reasons which we will come to shortly, but in all probability you’re problems start with the site QS.

And the more difficult the project is financially for the Main Contractor then the more likely it is that you will be faced with their aggressive QS!

Contractor’s Aggressive QS

Construction Enquirer recently reported that there is now a super-aggressive quantity surveyor employed by Contractors for the specific purpose of saving them money no matter what.

Back in the day quantity surveyors made sure that the works were valued both fairly and objectively.

Most QS’s back then would be RICS qualified, and being a QS was a very respected profession. Now, an awful lot of Main Contractors quantity surveyors are not RICS qualified, and ignore the rules about integrity, honesty and objectivity.

Nowadays, the role of a Contractor’s QS is often to get away with paying as little as possible, as late as possible and to look for any reason whatsoever to set off or counterclaim whether that claim is valid or not.

Over the years, here at Streetwise and in my work at Ashmore Consulting, we have seen far too many accounts being undervalued, and spurious and made up claims against you the Specialist Contractor.

All this being designed to reduce what you get paid and some have sadly resulted in the insolvency of the sub-contractor.

So please, don’t be a guaranteed meal ticket and bonus for the Main Contractor’s aggressive QS.

What Can You Do About It?

Firstly, recognise that it’s happening. This might sound over simplistic, but you would be surprised how many subcontractors fall for the QS’s “I’m smarter than you” BS…

Secondly, take a deep breath and stand back from all the noise and hassle and take a few minutes to consider the best course of action and the following thoughts about what to do;

  1. Don’t get angry, frustrated or any other emotional response. Stay calm.
  2. Don’t rush or jump or buckle at the first figure or argument put forward.
  3. Don’t fall for the “it’s this or we won’t pay another penny” routine.
  4. Don’t agree to anything you don’t understand and if you need to, don’t be shy about taking time out to get advice.
  5. Make sure you follow the procedures set out in the contract – and make sure your view of the valuation is realistic and properly evidenced.
  6. If your account is being undervalued escalate the problem to a higher level in the Contractor’s organisation
  7. Don’t waste time trying to persuade someone who doesn’t want to understand
  8. Recognise when it’s time to change your approach – don’t just wait for things to change on their own – they won’t

Secrets To Getting Paid

Specialist Contractors often don’t get paid because they don’t understand the contract or don’t apply it when they should.

We will reveal all you need to know to enable you to understand the fundamentals of those subcontracts, and how to get paid in our Free Report.

Please get your copy now: “How To Get Paid Report”

I hope you enjoyed my Wise Up Wednesday email and that it gave you some food for thought, and I sincerely hope to speak with you soon.

Best regards


P.S. Please remember if you have a payment problem, take action sooner rather than later. If you’re not sure what to do or just want a second opinion, please give us a call on 01773 712116, or email (please do not click reply to this email).

P.P.S. Here’s Your Free “How To Get Paid Report”

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