It’s Wise Up Wednesday For Specialist Contractors – How You Can Get More Streetwise About Subcontracting!

Every week StreetwiseSubbie brings you Wise Up Wednesday!

It’s a great little gem for all Specialist Contractors in the UK Construction and Engineering Industries. Regular readers will know that it’s a little gem of information that packs a big punch!

This week’s Wise Up Wednesday is a little bit different in that we have a great way for you to get even more Streetwise about Subcontracting.  

You see we are already working with lots of other Specialist Contractors, and we do the lot, from resolving, commercial and contractual problems, to helping you find more profitable opportunities, settling accounts, ensuring you get paid what you are owed and resolving disputes! 

Earlier this year around a hundred Specialist Contractors attended our “Breakthrough Construction Conference” (you can see details here) and as a thank you for attending we offered delegates our StreetwiseSubbie “how to” guide books at a great price.

These guides are written exclusively for you as a Specialist Contractor and at the reduced rate they were a real bargain that quickly got snapped up.

But, inevitably we had over ordered just to be on the safe side, and we have a few left over. So I have decided to release the surplus stock to all Specialist Contractors at that price, on a first come first served basis.

Please note that this price is only available because we are offering them to youas a set of 4.

In other words they are reduced from 4 x £25 = £100 to only 4 x £8.75 = £35.00 plus postage.

We are almost giving them away at this unbelievably low price!

But hurry – because we are only selling our surplus stock at this low price as these exclusive books are still selling on Amazon at £25 each!

Here’s what’s on offer;

  • 25 Recession Busting Tips – It does exactly what it says on the tin!

     Over 70 pages of great ways to make more money – even in any economy!

  • Streetwise Contractual Guide – Quite simply a brief guide to sub-contract law for specialist sub-contractors

       Brief it’s nearly 100 pages! It’s a must have in today’s tough world!

  • Streetwise Contractual ToolkitIt’s a mini toolkit showing you everything you need to know from enquiry and tender up to the final account.

       Get a handle on the essential tips that will protect your interests.

  • The Secrets of Wining Sales Copy – Is packed full of hints, tips and tricks to ensure your sales letters and brochures make it into the client’s office.

      This really is an invaluable easy to read manual that you don’t want to miss!

Here’s what one of our readers had to say about our guides;

“A down to earth, simple approach, make these manuals ultra reader friendly.”

And remember; they are still selling on Amazon at £25.00 each, (for more information click StreetwiseSubbie on Amazon you might find a copy at £20 but don’t go paying £20 or £25.00 when you can get one of the discounted sets we have on offer today!!)

An Amazing Saving of £65!

If you want an amazing saving of £65, then grab one of around only 30 sets for just £35.00 per set of 4 plus a nominal amount for postage, but you’d better hurry!

Place your order today and we will even throw in “The Little Book of Crap Advice for Specialist Sub-Contractors” (usually £3.99) absolutely Free!

Just mail us at confirming how many sets you want to order, and we will contact you direct to arrange the most convenient payment and delivery method for you.

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