It’s Wise Up Wednesday! Winning Work – How To Make It Easier

How To Make Winning Work Easier

This week’s Wise Up Wednesday Guide for Specialist Contractors is about the all important topic of “winning work”.  More specifically it’s about how to make it easier.

Despite it’s importance, there is still a good deal of misunderstanding about the best way to go about winning work, and that it’s a process that should start way before you receive the enquiry!

winning work in the construction & engineering sectors

Winning Construction & Engineering Work

Don’t Just Take Anything That Comes Along

Time and time again we are involved in disputes between our honest and hard working Specialist Contractor Clients (we don’t work for Contractors), and unscrupulous or less than fair Contractor.

And, when I ask; “why are you working for these people?” the answer often comes back that “we were short of work” or “they came to us out of the blue”.  Neither situation being a great basis upon which to have priced the job for them, never mind pricing it so competitively as to win the work hands down.

What Does The Future Hold For UK Construction?

Over the past few months (nay years!), you could be forgiven for thinking that there was only one issue facing the UK. The dreaded “B” word!

But, look behind the Brexit BS and there are so many conflicting messages that it is difficult to see the wood for the trees.  What is clear is that the UK construction industry is in a perilous state and all Specialist Subcontractors share the same problem;

“How do we find profitable work and how do we get paid properly when we get it?”

Some commentators say that there are more tenders around now.

Or is it just that the same number of tenders are being distributed to more and more Subcontractors?  We have anecdotal evidence of lists as long as 20 bidders!

Whatever your take on the current situation, one thing is certain.  You need to set your stall out to ensure you receive enough of the right kind of enquiries, and win your fair share of profitable orders.

Four Strategic Options

At its simplest, there are effectively only 4 strategic options that you can employ to help you find new opportunities:

  • Sell more existing products/services to existing customers
  • Sell existing products/services to new customers
  • Sell new products/services to existing customers
  • Sell new products/services to new customers

By far the easiest route to take is the first, selling more products/services to existing customers, but unfortunately the Construction industry by its nature can be a one job never to be repeated kind of business.

So, we have to develop relationships with various different parties which just adds to the time and effort required to do the job properly.

Here Are Our 4 Top ‘Winning Work’ Tips

  • Increase personalised contact with your customers. Years ago, it was essential to be face-to-face with customers on a regular basis.  However, technology has changed this to the point that we rarely need to sit down with our customers anymore.
  • Look at ways you can add value to what you are selling.  Can you encourage involvement with a further contract if it helps you to buy better and offer a volume discount to the customer?
  • Increase your marketing activity – don’t wait for them to come to you, go to them.  Look at ways that you can regularly keep in touch.  Send successful case studies, newsletters, information about new services or, ways of doing things better.
  • Plan out a series of strategic marketing activities that can help to engage with your potential customers and devise ways to convert them to orders even if you are not the lowest price!

Last but not least, keep in mind that, whatever the prevailing climate in the economy, people still buy things!  Contractors still need you to get the job done.

The key question is,

‘How can I ensure that they buy from me?’

Don’t Do Stop Start Marketing

If you constantly stop and start your marketing activity, doing a bit here and there when you can fit it into your busy schedule, then don’t be surprised if it isn’t very effective.

No I’m not suggesting you have to spend hours and days of your time or throw lots of money at the problem.  But you do need to take consistent action over the long term.  And that’s where our Lead Pro! service may be just right for your business.

So, before you do anything else, take a look at Lead Generation and take five minutes to understand this very cost effective service you have at your disposal.

Ever heard the expression “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”

Please don’t look our gift horse in the mouth! Come and check us out now …

It could be the most worthwhile five minutes you spend on your business today.

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