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Specialist Contractors spend £89 billion annually on construction materials and equipment – that’s 90% of all money spent in the UK construction industry. You can now reach over 8,000 of them at decision maker/specification level with SubContracting TODAY. It’s the only national publication for all subcontracting companies in the UK. Read the media pack/contact us via the link.

Wise Up Wednesday

Wise Up Wednesday is a a weekly email written exclusively for Specialist Contractors in the UK construction and engineering industries. Every Wednesday it is out sent to over 10,000 Subbies who are all senior decision makers. The content is no nonsense opinion that addresses serious issues often avoided by others. Click the link to get your copy.

More publications from StreetwiseSubbie exclusively for you

Is your business suffering in this recession?

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They Say “Knowledge is Power!” and …

This Powerful Knowledge is Exclusively for Specialist Sub-Contractors

Have you ever wondered why there is so little useful information written specifically for Specialist Sub-Contractors?

Is it because you don’t read? Is it because you cant understand? Of course not!

The simple fact of the matter is that most of those who are capable of writing such books choose not to write specifically for you! Until now…

We Reveal …

“The Secrets the Contractors Don’t Want You to Know!” have now published a whole range of publications written specifically and exclusively for you the Specialist Sub-Contractor.

Written in a down to earth no-nonsense easy to read style these books cover the key issues that you will be challenged by in your business.

Find the answers that have been kept from you until now.

Effortlessly start to build the knowledge and expertise you need to easily and quickly succeed in the tough business environment of today.

With work in short supply and Contractors and Clients going bust at every turn doesn’t it make sense to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to protect your interests?

Doesn’t it make sense to make sure you put a stop to the Contractor under valuing youraccount and paying you late?

Doesn’t it make sense to make as much money as you can from the work you actually have?

Doesn’t it make sense to gain every sales advantage you can over your competitors?

Choose from 5 great titles covering everything you need to know abou protecting your contractual interests and making bigger profits

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StreetwiseSubbie Contractual Toolkit

A Mini Contractual Toolkit for Specialist Sub-Contractors

Your new and exclusive Contractual Toolkit will take you through the vital information you need at every stage of the enquiry to order process. It’s unique approach unveils just how easily you can apply this new found expertise to guarantee the success of your business.

Comprehensive and detailed yet simple and quick to take in it covers all these topics…

Enquiry and Tender

Learn how to effectively handle the tender process and what you should and shouldn’t be doing at this early stage

Pre-Contract Negotiations

Discover how not to get stitched up at the pre-contract meeting and other problem avoidance techniques

The Final Agreement

Make sure it includes the 10 most important issues, and see how you can avoid the Contractors traps!

Along the Way

Do you know how to handle your obligations and what your entitlements are?

Discover how to identify and handle all the key issues!

The Key Issues Every Specialist sub-Contractor Needs To Cover

  • Programme
  • Scope and quality
  • Payment
  • Instructions and Variations
  • Notifying problems
  • Keeping good records

Your Works Aren’t Finished Until you Are Properly Finished!

The last payment is always the hardest one to get – so don’t find out how to avoid giving the Contractor any excuse for reducing what he pays or worse still non payment.

The Final Account

If you have ever struggled to get your final account agreed – and who hasn’t?

Here are 10 key things you can do to make the process of getting paid run more smoothly!

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And how would you like to Make More Money? Even in This Recession? Times are tough and work is heard to come by

So if you want to make more money out of the work you already have then you need to get your hands on your copy of “25 Recession Busting Tips.”

25 Recession Beating Ways Specialist

Sub-Contractors Make Bigger Profits

Sets out clearly and concisely 25 Recession Beating Ways you can start to Make Bigger Profits!

With over 70 pages this guide does what it says on the tin and is packed full of great ways to make more money!

  • Learn How To Collect Your Money When It Is Due
  • Collecting Retentions On Time Is Easy When You Know How!
  • You Can Improve Your Cash Flow By Accurate Interim Applications
  • Make Sure You Maximise Your Recovery From Variations!
  • And Get The Most Out Of Daywork
  • Don’t Give Discount If It Isn’t Linked To Being Paid On Time
  • Don’t Let Negotiated Discounts Apply To Variations
  • The Massive Benefits Of Keeping Accurate Records
  • Learn How To Negotiate
  • Materials Cost A Fortune Don’t Let Them Get Lost Or Thrown Away
  • Are You Sitting on a Gold Mine? Return Surplus Materials To Suppliers
  • Times Are Tough Negotiate Hard With Suppliers
  • Check Invoices, Mistakes Occur
  • An Easy Way To Keep Tabs on Expensive Plant
  • A Simple Device To Enhance Your Daywork Sheets
  • Have A Materials Return System That Works
  • Are You Wasting Time on Redundant Systems?
  • Discover the Importance of Existing Customers
  • Professional Advice Is Great Value If You Know How
  • What Have your Shirts Got To Do With Your Clients?
  • Make Sure You Get Referrals – It’s The Cheapest Way To Get New Business
  • Do Your Systems Compare Apples With Apples?
  • Why You Swallow Your Pride And Do A Deal
  • How To Manage Your Time For Best Profit!
  • Last But By No Means Least – The Pre-Contract Meeting!

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Wish You Could Easily and Effortlessly Know More About Contracts?

If you are anything like me when I was a Specialist Sub-Contractor you hope you never have a contractual problem. Most Specialist Sub Contractors don’t have the time or the inclination to study the contract. ”Let’s just get on with the job” tends to be the prevailing attitude.

And that’s fine until…..Things Go Wrong!

So next time you find yourself in that awful gut wrenching position when the Contractor starts throwing the contract at you… Knock him back with your

Streetwise Contractual Guide

for Specialist Sub-Contractors

This handy work is almost 100 pages of easy to follow plain English. Its quite simply

“A Brief Guide To Sub-Contract Law For Specialist Sub-Contractors”

It’s written exclusively for Specialist Sub-Contractors and has all the essential information you need on the important topics including;

  • Contraction Formation
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Suppliers and Sub-Contractors
  • Bonds and Guarantees
  • Design Liability
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the professional team
  • Programme and Progress
  • Variations
  • Payment
  • Claims
  • Contracts (Rights of third parties Acts) 1999
  • The Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 (commonly referred to as the Construction Act)

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Whether we like it or not we all have to sell ourselves to others

The Secrets of Wining Sales Copy

for Specialist Sub-Contractors

is packed full of ideas, tips and tricks that will ensure your sales letter and brochures get you on to that all important tender list or into the clients office.

This guide will show you that if you can tap out a simple e-mail or write a letter to a friend then you will be able to easily write powerful sales copy! Its easy to read style means you can even enjoy the process – it’s definitely not a boring English lesson!

You will discover;

  • 5 Golden Rules for writing compelling and convincing sales copy
  • 12 elements of great copy
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • 17 Sure Fire Tips to writing a powerful sales letter
  • The power of compelling headlines
  • What to put in and what to leave out
  • The winning secrets of the simple PS

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