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“If you are a subcontractor you need to read this book”: so says one of the many positive reviews of my book The Streetwise Subbie.

The Streetwise Subbie Book by Barry AshmoreThe StreetwiseSubbie is a book that is very close to my heart. Not just because I have written the 4th edition, but because I have a genuine passion for helping Specialist Contractors, Trade Contractors and Subcontractors. And I have used my 20 years experience as a Specialist Contractor and 30 years in professional practice to build on the great work started by its original author Jack Russell.

As it says on the back cover: “Very few books explore the problems which are particular to the relationship between Specialist Contractors and the Main Contractor, or Clients with whom they are in contract. Fewer still provide solutions in such a down to earth no-nonsense way as The StreetwiseSubbie does.”


It’s an unfortunate fact of life that in the construction industry you are going to be faced with some sort of commercial or contractual problem from time to time. So, what better than being able to turn to a book written by an ex Specialist Contractor who has also spent 30 years professionally resolving commercial and contractual problems for Specialist Contractors?

Yes, I really am that old!

The Streetwise Subbie is a highly regarded practical guide to contractual matters and here’s what a few readers have to say:

Matthew Telling
“Every subcontractor should have one.Barry again communicates well the pitfalls for all us trusting subcontractors who dare to believe that a contract is a two way street when problems occur.”

“Highly recommended read for all subbies. No-nonsense information for Subbies. Barry seriously knows his stuff and how to deal with Main Contractors and contracts.”

“Every sub contractor needs this book! Amazingly useful!”

Paul Smyth
“A must-read for all sub-contractors in the construction industry.
Great source of information that will help subbies become Streetwise!”

And now we can offer you a 25% discount off the normal retail price, so it’s yours for less than a round of drinks, at only £13.49!

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It’s an easy to read, practical, and essential guide, aimed at Specialist Contractors of all sizes and specialisations, whether you’re a sole trader, company director, or a member of the team that has to handle the commercial and contractual aspects of the projects you undertake.

The kind of book that you keep handy, because it has so many answers that you can refer to it over and over again.

Grab your discount code on our web site: 25% Off The StreetwiseSubbie

I’m sure you will enjoy it, and that it will repay your investment many times over.

Thanks and best regards

Barry J Ashmore
Founder of StreetwiseSubbie.com

P.S. The clue really is in our name – StreetwiseSubbie! We specialise in helping Specialist Contractors of all sizes and in all trades. So, as a first step towards getting to know us better, why not come and take a look at all the resources on our web site or connect with me on LinkedIn or join our  LinkedIn group? We are a really friendly bunch.

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