Will the Bank Of England Save You?

Will the Bank of England save you? Will Liz Truss?

Maybe the Bank of England intervening will save your Specialist Contracting business from the economic destruction we are about to live through.

Maybe Liz Truss and her government will figure something out to protect you from rampant inflation, energy prices, the pound collapsing, the housing market collapsing, soaring material prices and project sponsors being terrified to invest.

bank of englandIf they do, you can carry on tolerating mediocre commercial and contractual skills and having no cost effective support knowing that the government will bail you out.

But if they don’t (and we both know they won’t) and you go into this winter tolerating mediocrity and its financial consequences, you are bluntly, playing Russian roulette with your business and your family’s financial future.

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Not the depths of winter when the economic chaos really hits.

The decisions you make now won’t just determine what happens to your business this winter, it will shape your financial future. Please choose wisely.

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Come and see how with our help and assistance a few small changes can make a massive difference in your business.

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For those that don’t know StreetwiseSubbie, then the simple explanation is that Streetwise is the membership organisation that gives you access to a mountain of information and a support network of professional Consultants offering cost effective support and solutions.

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