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Contractual and Payment Problems Solved Here

We know that Specialist Contractors and Subcontractors are spending lots of time and energy searching online for solutions to all types of contractual and payment problems. By checking out StreetwiseSubbie, when it …

Wise Up Wednesday – Don’t Get Caught Out By The NEC Contract!

NEC Contracts, and more importantly how not to get caught out by them, is the subject of this week’s ‘Wise Up Wednesday’. The NEC contract is not the same as other contracts. …

Wise Up Wednesday – How Not To Fix Your Problems!

How Not To Fix Your Problems – First Things First. A great many Specialist Contractors, Trade Contractors and Subcontractors are in business because they are good at fixing problems and getting practical …

Wise Up Wednesday – An Important Message About Your Business!

Understand The Contract. It’s back after a summer break! Your exclusively for Specialist Contractors weekly email with important advice and information directly relevant to your business. As you may well know, I …

Wise Up Wednesday: No Notice – No Extension of Time – No Payment!

The first thing to understand, and I cannot over emphasise this point, is that if you don’t issue notices when you should, you won’t get extensions of time and you won’t get …

Wise Up Wednesday: Bad Things Happen At Pre Contract Meetings!

You’ve won the order? Watch Out. Bad Things Happen At The Pre Contract Meeting! Won the order? That’s great, but as part of the contract negotiation process you may be invited to attend …

Wise Up Wednesday: Protect Your Business

The Only Certainty… Before you think I am taking sides and making some kind of political statement please think again because nothing could be further from the truth. So, please just read …

Wise Up Wednesday: Set Off And Payless Notices Are Devastating

Payless Notices Are Devastating Not Another Set Off…! Set off and payless notices are devastating. If great big lumps are being hacked off your applications for payment, you’re not on your own! …

Wise Up Wednesday: Who Are You Working For?

Who are you working for? It’s that same old boring message! I recently had a chat with the MD of one of our Gold Buddies who runs a very successful Specialist Contracting …

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Construction’s a tough place to do business right now, and Specialist Contractors need all the help you can get. That’s why you will find our resources and expertise are invaluable, whatever the size of your business and whatever your specialisation. We’re here to help you solve all your business problems, including the crucially important contractual ones, such as getting paid.

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