Wise Up Wednesday: Are You A Specialist Contractor Or A “Subby”?

Yesterday one of our Client’s told me that he had a massive light bulb moment at our “Win Work-Get Paid-Make Money” conference earlier this month. You know one of those times when something really important suddenly clicks into place in your brain.

And what had hit him right between the eyes was that he was a Specialist Contractor, and not just a “Subby”!

He realised that what we have been saying over and over again in our blog, in our Linkedin group, in our Wise Up Wednesdays, and at our conference was all true. The Contractors haven’t got a clue and couldn’t build anything without Specialist Contractors!

And he was indeed a Specialist Contractor because he was an expert at doing what he does, whereas the only thing that most Contractors are good at is screwing their supply chain.

The conference also provided the opportunity to share his experiences and talk to his fellow Specialist Contractors from all over the country, and despite the fact the economy is improving, Specialist Contractors are still suffering from many of the problems that have dogged the Construction and Engineering industries for the last few years.

And one of the main problems is that Contractors treat you like just another “Subby”.

You Have A Choice To Make!

So, now you have a choice to make.

You can think and act like just another Subby, take whatever crap the Contractor throws at you, accept his poor payment practices and onerous terms. Or you can say;

“Hang on a minute! I’m not a Subby, I’m a Specialist Contractor, I’m an expert and what I do, and you couldn’t build anything without us!”

And as the Specialist Contractor’s champions StreetwiseSubbie have a multitude of resources exclusively designed to help you to get Streetwise, and in doing so become a very successful Specialist Contractor.

StreetwiseSubbie aims to help you to secure your company’s future whatever the economy, and to help you discover solutions that will make an immediate and positive difference in your business.

Free Advice And information

Our unique web site is exclusively for Specialist Contractors.

Our service is completely different from the kind of thing you may already be getting from your Trade Association, Solicitor or other provider, because it provides you with information about 40 different aspects of your business!

Our expert team of professionals provide all the expertise and support you need to resolve your problems and grow your business. Our goal is your wealth and security, now and in the future.

It’s all about short term relief/solutions and long term protection.

It’s about peace of mind and recognising your true worth as a;

** Specialist Contractor **

So come and check out our Free Resources for Specialist Contractors.

An Intelligent Forum Exclusively For Specialist Contractors

If you prefer to get answers via an intelligent and exclusive forum (none of the drivel you get in other forums), you are invited to join our exclusive group of 2,186 owners, directors and senior staff of Specialist Contractors on LinkedIn.

You can find this exclusive group here Free To Join Your LinkedIn Group!

Here’s what one Specialist Contractor thinks about it;

“This group is a great idea, thanks! I am so pleased there is finally a forum to share relevant and needed information…particularly regarding Main Contractors that don’t pay!”

The group is an exclusive alliance of Specialist Contractors in the Construction and Engineering Industries, and it will help you to interact with over 2,000  other Specialist Contractors irrespective of your size or specialisation.

And NOT A Single Contractor in sight!

Unlike the NSCC which now thinks joining the Contractors in the UKCG is going to improve the way the Contractors treat you!

You can find out more about the exclusively for Specialist Contractors group here; Free To Join Your LinkedIn Group!

Here’s The News About The News For Specialist Contractors

How would you like to keep up to date with the latest developments in the construction and engineering industries all in one place?

How would you like to keep up to date for free?

SubContracting Today is a free daily digest of all the hot topics that affect you and your business. please check it out now; Subcontracting Today

Do you need to know what the news means to you and your business?

SubContracting Today will help you stay ahead of the curve with news, analysis, client information and regional and sector insight as well as practical advice.

We link you to all the top stories, and as well as daily news, analysis and interviews, you will find in-depth briefings and case studies of on-going projects.

For your free daily digest of all the hot topics that affect you and your business. please check it out now; Subcontracting Today

And Because We Know Times Are Tough…

We know that things have got slightly better, but these are still tough times and we are already helping lots of Specialist Contractors just like you in this tough commercial and contractual environment.

We have the fantastic support of our Nationwide Network of Independent Consultants who are working with our core team to bring you all the help and support you will ever need.

We look forward to keeping you up to date and helping you to resolve all your business problems.

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