Wise Up Wednesday: Payment – The Smoke and Mirrors

Whilst the industry is facing a whole host of issues, payment is far and away the biggest and most divisive issue.

As a Specialist Contractor the simple truth is that if you don’t get paid, you don’t have a business.

If you spend most of your time trying to get paid, you have less time to address all the other issues that need your attention, and as for planning for the future, you probably can’t think beyond the end of the month.

So, why are we as an industry failing to recognise this and why isn’t it being properly addressed? Regrettably, it is such a major problem and such a controversial issue that even when it is discussed, the truth seems to be largely absent.

Here are some facts

Streetwisesubbie.com recently supported a piece of statistically significant academic research. With some 502 respondents, its findings cannot be ignored. Some 354 of the respondents were Sub-Contractors, and over 70% of respondents had a turnover exceeding £1 million. Proper firms are facing very real problems. Here’s what the survey uncovered:

  • A total of 87.17% of Subcontractor’s main issue of dispute was regarding payment, compared to 64.21% of contractors suggesting Contractors receives payment within the agreed terms more frequently than their Sub-Contractors.
  • Even on public sector projects, only 25% of Subcontractors were paid on time, and on private sector projects that fell to just 15%.
  • Subcontractors were subject to set off on 88.7% of their projects, and between 9% and 34% (depending on turnover) said they were subject to set off on every project!

So, what’s to be done?

A staggering 95.66% believed that neither the government nor the trade bodies were doing enough to tackle the problems in the industry!

So, I say let’s start by cutting out the spin, and the BS, and the smoke and mirrors!

  • Lots of Contractors don’t pay their Subcontractors properly. What’s difficult about saying that?
  • Everyone knows what good payment looks like! Pay on time and value fairly.
  • The Supply Chain Payment Charter isn’t even legally enforceable, never mind the fact that only a handful of major Contractors have even signed up to it!
  • The Duty to Report on Payment Practices legislation (requiring large companies to report on their payment practices) are so woolly that they won’t tell anyone anything.
  • Those companies that engage in such practices certainly won’t be reporting on their under-certification and wrongful set off.

Why does it matter?

Here are a few recent headlines to contemplate:

  • Suppliers and subcontractors are owed around £2bn by Carillion’
  • Subbies and suppliers owed £7bn in unpaid invoices’
  • ‘Subbies owed £4m after Titan Construction Management collapse’.
  • ‘Subbies under attack from new breed of aggressive QS’.

Want To Know How To protect Your Business?

Come  and discover the Secret Keys To Minimise Risk and Maximise Profit, that we have been putting into practice on behalf of Specialist Subcontractors for the last 28 years.

And they’re are being revealed at our July events;

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Session 1 – Contract Formation

Session 2 – Introduction to JCT Contracts and Construction Act

Session 3 – Time, Notices and Delay and Disruption

Session 4 – Instructions, Variations and Maximising Return

Session 5 – Getting Paid On Time and the Right Amount

Session 6 – Resolving Conflicts and Disputes

Session 7 – Putting It All Together


Our events are exclusively for Specialist Contractors so you are in the friendly company of other Specialist Contractors, and everything is designed to provide a broad appeal for all Specialist Contractors staff including;

Estimators, Contracts Managers; Project Managers; Commercial Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Credit Controllers and Directors


The Secrets To Getting Paid and Minimising Risk and Maximising Profit! Specialist Contractors don’t get paid because they don’t understand the contract or don’t apply it when they should. We will reveal all you need to know to enable you to understand the fundamentals of those subcontracts, and how to get paid.


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