#WiseUpWednesday: Don’t Fall Foul Of Poor QS’s

“…alarm over quality of new QS’s”

This is a recent headline from Construction Enquirer which caught my eye, because it’s bemoaning the poor quality of new entry QS’s in the industry.

Now I can remember a time when being a QS was a very respected profession and attracted high calibre entrants. Unfortunately, things have been on the slide for a good many years. And this is bound to impact on the QS’s employed by Main Contractors.

How Does This Affect You?

You might think that if the Contractor’s QS isn’t very good it will make life easier for you. But, you would be wrong.

The fact of the matter is that a poor QS will make your life much more difficult and here’s why;

  • they prepare poor quality contract documents – rarely to your benefit
  • they can’t make decisions – this causes delay
  • they make bad decisions – and cover them up / pay with your money
  • they hide their incompetence behind arrogance – causing frustration
  • they don’t have a clue about fairness and objectivity – you suffer

What Can You Do About It?

Many disagreements and disputes can be avoided by getting the paperwork right in the first place. So making sure that everyone has a common understanding of what is expected of them is key..

Adopting the following approach can help:


1. Record all pre-contract negotiations and confirm everything in writing and/or email;

2. Make sure all the important details are properly incorporated in the contract and that it exactly reflects what has been agreed;

3. Agree on any standard terms and conditions to be used and negotiate out any onerous clauses;


4. Don’t agree to anything you don’t understand and if you need to, don’t be shy about getting advice on your contract documentation.

5. Make sure you follow the procedures set out in the contract – don’t ignore them…

6. If your account is being undervalued escalate the problem to a higher level

7. Don’t waste time trying to persuade someone who doesn’t want to understand

8. Recognise when it’s time to change your approach – don’t just wait for things to change on their own – they won’t

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What If Problems Arise?


Construction is a contentious business, so it’s no surprise that problems can arise, even if you haven’t done anything wrong.


This can be stressful and have a negative impact on your business.


So,if you find yourself in a sticky situation, the best advice is to act quickly and to take appropriate advice. We have decades of experience in contractual and commercial matters and will give you no-nonsense, practical advice that won’t blind you with legal jargon.

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