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Wise Up Wednesday: More Payment BS and Don’t Expect A Miracle At Christmas!

Contractors Are Not Paying So What Can You Do? This edition of Wise up Wednesday is sticking with the theme that Contractors are not paying their subcontractors properly! There we are we’ve …

Wise Up Wednesday: Failure Is Not An Option… Or Is It?

“Failure is Not an Option” is a phrase associated with Gene Kranz and the Apollo 13 Moon landing mission. Although Kranz is often attributed with having spoken those words during the mission, …

Wise Up Wednesday: Helping Subbies Get Paid

Don’t Get Angry… Helping Subbies Get Paid This week’s “Wise Up Wednesday” is about a topic close to every Specialist Contractor’s heart; helping Subbies get paid. If you don’t get paid your …

Wise Up Wednesday – Subbies Paid In Full

We’re ensuring subbies getting paid in full. Why be a pushover? Welcome to this week’s Wise Up Wednesday, exclusively for Specialist Contractors. It’s your weekly burst of useful information, sometimes hard hitting, …

Wise UP Wednesday: No Pay Don’t Stay – Suspend!

We are all familiar with the thousand and one excuses provided as to why the payment which was due hasn’t arrived. Securing payment is more difficult than at any time in living …

Wise Up Wednesday: Don’t be Bullied!

Arrogant Bullies! The arrogance and bully boy tactics of some Main Contractors and indeed some of the very largest Sub-Contractors is staggering. They think that they can treat you like dirt and …

Wise Up Wednesday: Trade Body Failing on Payment

This week your Wise up Wednesday focuses on the fact that the Build UK Contractor members are simply not paying on time, and seemingly Build UK and its Trade Association members are …

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Wise Up Wednesday: Construction Profit Warnings

According to Ernst and Young twice as many profit warnings were issued by FTSE construction and material companies in the first half of 2018 as in the same period of 2017. Output …

Urgent JCT London Seminars Date Change

JCT Training For Specialist Contractors    We have an important message for everyone who is scheduled to attend or is thinking of attending our seminar in Dartford. The date has changed to …

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