A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships – Or Does It?

I have just received an email from a guy called Peter Thomson who many of you will know, is a great business guru and self publisher of hundreds of self improvement products. I think he is a multi-millionaire too, but he is a real down to earth guy.

Anyway, the point is, what he said resonated with me and what is currently happening to Specialist Contractors just like you.

Peter was referring to the expression…

“A rising tide lifts all ships”

As he says succinct, pithy, accurate, just as a good saying must be.

What Peter then said really made me think because he added…

“Unless it’s anchored to the bottom”

What Peter was saying was that the feeling in this country (and maybe in the construction industry) at the moment is one of optimism. The economy is moving or not dependent on your point of view. He suggested that the vast majority of people he speaks to confirm their positivity about the future.

Peter was concerned that people should be positive and not be “anchored to the bottom” by negative thinking.

My own concern is that Specialist Contractors should not be “anchored to the bottom” by doing what they have always done. In other words, apply out dated thinking, accept any old crap that the Contractors throw at them, bury their heads in the sand, cross their fingers and simply hope everything will be OK.

Because that won’t work in the current cut throat world of construction, and that world isn’t going to change any time soon – even if there is a bit more work about.

And if you stay “anchored to the bottom” in that way you will most certainly drown as the tide rises!

I don’t want to be a “party pooper”, but personally, I think this next year or so is going to be an incredibly dangerous time for Specialist Contractors (if anyone wants to know why I think that, please ask for the full gory details).

And that’s why I am going to keep banging on to Specialist Contractors about taking the appropriate actions to protect their interests.

I am repeatedly seeing first hand, the devastation caused by certain Contractors, so if Subbies don’t like what I have to say, that is unfortunate, cos I’m going to keep on saying it!

And here is my unashamed plug for our seminar in March which will help Specialist Subcontractors to survive and succeed in 2014. The clue’s in the title;

‘7 Key Secrets That Will Ensure Your Survival And Success In 2014’

Here’s a link to the details; March Seminar

But here’s another saying that applies;

“You can lead a horse to water. But you cant make it drink!”

For the smart Specialist Contractors it’s going to be a bumper year but for those that don’t wise up it could be a very dangerous year indeed!

If you are one of the smart Specialist Contractors you will know  that you need to continually discover the secrets that will protect your business and make it more successful.

So, here’s your opportunity to be one of those smarter Specialist Contractors and discover those secrets! Here’s a link to the details; March Seminar

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The value of the information and support that you will receive on the day is priceless!

And if you are a Streetwise Gold or Platinum Buddy, your entry to the event is entirely free!

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Simply email info@streetwisesubbie.com or call the lovely ladies in the Streetwise office on +44 (0)1773 712116 and they will be happy to take your priority Reservation.

We look forward to seeing you on the day (unless of course you are anchored to the bottom).

Best regards


P. S. If you think that your business doesn’t need to know these secrets take a look at yet another headline about a Subbie going bust, this time from last Friday’s Construction Enquirer;

“Birmingham civils  contractor  collapses

One of Birmingham’s top five civils and groundworks contractors, T Mullane, has crashed into administration

A source told the Enquirer: “It’s very sad around 43 lads have been laid off with a few kept on to keep things ticking. “The yard is full of plant and we are waiting to see what the administrators are planning.”

Mullane, which traded for more than 25 years from its Kings Norton office covering the Midlands, worked mainly on jobs for Willmott Dixon and Shepherd Construction.”

Don’t let this be you!

There are significant steps that every Specialist Contractor can take to protect your business in 2014.

Don’t be one of the casualties! Reserve your place now by email at info@streetwisesubbie.com or call 01773 712116.

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